[Equipment Configurations] EW6 support for wireless connection to projector

We are upgrading our presentation equipment and plan to use EW6 running on PC to two wireless HD video feeds for a HD projector and HD TV. (We have a VGA cable running to our existing projector and would like to avoid running a new cable.)

I noticed in the System Requirements EW6 does not support USB Wireless Video. Does that mean that wireless video is not supported at all?

If wireless is supported, is it robust and reliable? I have no experience with wireless video but I'm wary. Our presentation volunteers are not up for trouble-shooting. It needs to just work.

Is anyone running EW6 with a wireless video feed (or two), and if so what hardware and projector?

Could I broaden this question to include all wireless connection experience users have? I am interested in wireless HDMI from one computer to 4 screens. It will save us a lot of wires. We do have WIFI.
EasyWorship 6 only supports sending the output out of the video card and not through a USB or Wireless USB devices.
If the wireless device you are using connects to the video card, it should work, if it is a video card emulator, like many of the usb and wireless usb devices, it is unsupported.
EasyWorship does support a network connection to a Newetek Tricaster.