[Equipment Configurations] Wireless Presenter with EasyWorship 6

I've been using a PPRF Wireless PowerPoint Remote by Honeywell with EasyWorship 2009 for quite some time. This presenter used to be listed as one of the recommended programmable remotes in the knowledge base. I've got everything prepped for upgrade to EW6 but before I do, will I have any problems using this wireless remote with the new software? I just hesitate to upgrade until I know that it will work correctly.

Thanks for any information you could provide.
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Thank you!

Until hotkeys are implemented in EW6 it's unlikely any remote presenter will work.
That's what I was afraid of. Looks like I'll be sticking with 2009 for now.

Thank you!
Hotkeys have been implemented.
You can now use a presenter remote with EasyWorship 6.
Posted this on the Facebook page but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post this here as well:

Trying to use a Logitech R800 Presenter with Easyworship 6. It works great in 2009 but I can't get it to work in 6. When I click the forward and back buttons on it, the slides do not advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can find info on this in EasyWorship under help, EasyWorship Help, technical topics, using a presenter remote.
Or you can check out this link.
https://easyworship.com/help/default.htm#C_Technical/Using%20a%20Presenter%20Remote.htm%3FTocPath%3DTechnical%2520Topics%7C_____9:nwiwxo7d]Using a presenter remote
Ah...great! Thank you so much.
Also Using Logitech R800 Remote Controller which works perfectly with EW2009 but won't work in EW6 so I gather that the codes are not the same between the different versions. Here are my codes for EW2009;

SlideNextKeys=78, 40, 32, 34
SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8, 33
BlackScreenKeys=C-66, 190

I've tried your suggestions in the "Using a Presenter Remote" FAQ but still can't get it to work correctly. Has anyone got the same remote working in EW6 who can help. Thanks
The codes you show for the following should also be entered in EW6 hotkeys.ini file (C:ProgramDataSoftouchEasyworship.v6.1Settings):

[list:x5hybm5y]SlideNextKeys=78, 40, 32, [color=#FF0000:x5hybm5y]34[/color:x5hybm5y]
SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8, [color=#FF0000:x5hybm5y]33[/color:x5hybm5y]
Yes. You need to download the hotkey file that is listed in the link in the reply to me. I have it working fine in EW6 using that hotkey install file.
Sorry guys, I didn't make it clear but this is also the hotkeys.ini file that is in C:\ProgramData\Softouch\Easyworship.v6.1\Settings as I just copied it over. That's why I was asking if the hotkey codes are different between the two versions. I'll try it again today but it only worked on the blank and next item and not on the previous or next slide in EW6 which it does in EW2009.
I'm now at church and found out that it sometimes works on powerpoints using the previous & next keys and always on blank and next item keys. Everything else only works on the blank key and the next item key but not at all on next or previous verse keys. It's probably a wrong code somewhere.
Thanks for your help