[Equipment Configurations] Remote Controls

What remotes are certified to work with EasyWorship 6?

None, at least not until the software hotkeys are implemented.
Basic Hotkeys were been added in build 1.4 and additional hotkeys were adding in build 1.5.

This list of remotes is still valid.

Also look at this thread if you have a remote that cannot be programmed.
I have just downloaded the EW6 upgrade ( having previously run EW2009 for several years) and am very pleased with it so far except I can't get our remote wireless presenter to function. It works on PowerPoint but not when the PowerPoint is loaded onto EasyWorship. Our operating system is Windows 8 ( as it was when we were using EW 2009).
Also, do I need to delete the EW2009 from this computer? If so, how is it best to do that? It seems the database has been transferred to EW 6 so we don't need it anymore. Many thanks.
You do not need to remove the old version of EasyWorship. You might want to keep it around during the transition period.
Please see my instructions in the following thread for making your clicker work.
Thank you very much, Rodger. I have changed the HotKey settings as you suggest and the wireless presenter is working well. I'm very grateful. Thank you. Peter