[Equipment Configurations] Recommended Graphics Card

I'm wondering if you can please give a recommendation for an Nvidia GeFore GTX graphics card with 4 outputs that would comfortably meet the pro requirements for EasyWorship 6? Perhaps one that has been specifically tested for EW6. Also, would there be an equivalent ATI Radeon card that would meet the PRO requirements?


Newegg just sent me an email with a bunch of Nvidia GTX 950 cards.

Are the GTX 950 cards good enough to run anything through EW? Even HD?

Great!. Think I will snatch one up and look at removing my Matrox box for foldback support.
I need to by a new pc for EW6 but in order to stay in my budget all i can find is a machine with a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745 4GB DDR3 is this acceptable for foldback and if not is there anything I need to know about replacing it with the 760 recommended in this thread. Im merely a lead pastor not an IT guy so im very much out of my league here
It looks like it should work pretty good. Rodger ran several videos SD and HD using the 745 and it looked good. It may not run the HD videos as smoothly as the SD videos.
Hey EW6 fans! We're looking to upgrade and are considering a PC with an AMD Radeon r9 360 video card. Yea or Nay?
Hey EW6 fans! We're looking to upgrade and are considering a PC with an AMD Radeon r9 360 video card. Yea or Nay?

Last I heard, EW recommends Nvidia cards. I would only get Nvidia if this computers main purpose is EW.

I would go with one of the cards that we recommend.

Here is a list of them and what each one is capable of doing.

Creating Schedules only - NVIDIA GeForce GT 210 - 220, 310 - 320, 410 - 420, 510 - 520, 610 - 620, 710 - 720...
•Presenting a Schedule with SD Content - NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 - 240, 330 - 340, 430 - 440, 530 - 540, 630 - 640, 730 - 740...
•Presenting a schedule with HD Content - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 250 - 280, 450 - 480, 550 - 580, 650 - 680, 750 - 780, 950 - 980...
• Using foldback or Alpha Channel - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 - 680, 750 - 780, 950 - 980...
So, does the previous post mean the GeForce GT 730M (in a Lenovo laptop) is NOT supported?
May want to mention that GTX 750 and up cards will most likely need a 400W power supply. We didn't think to check that when purchasing our new PC with a standard 300W power supply.
It is just a little above the 720 so it would not be very good for displaying.