[iOS Remote] Pixelated ppt when viewing from iPhone/iPad

Hi all,

Our church uses the iOS remote for EasyWorship to control the liturgy and sermon during the service.

We noted that whenever we see a ppt being presented, it looks pixelated on iPhone/iPad.

What's presented to the projector is fine, but we're just confused why is it pixelated on iPhone/iPad.

This is further compounded when we're watching a video (embedded within ppt) on iPhone/iPad.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Is this more of a bandwidth issue?

Thank you.


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EasyWorship sends a lower quality thumbnail to the app to display. The lower quality image helps the app to load thumbnails quicker and more reliably. When it gets scaled up it will pixelate. The app wasn't intended to do full video streaming, so your getting a thumbnail every few milliseconds from PowerPoints because that's the only way the software can get a regularly updated thumbnail to the app, so the video isn't going to look perfect. EasyWorship video is not sent to the app as it was not intended to receive video playback.