[iOS Remote] App disconnecting


Apps seem to disconnect after a period of time (20 mins maybe?) and the only way I’ve found to connect them again is to turn off the Remote Server in EasyWorship on the PC and turn it on again, then the client will connect again straight away. This is happening with both iOS and Android clients.

Any suggestions please?




You will want to create a ticket so that we can trouble shoot this issue.

Thanks Terry, I will do shortly.


We are having a similar issue. If the iphone has initally connected to EW goes into lock mode then it will not reconnect without having to restart EW. If we use an apple device that does not go into the lock mode after a set time the connect remains good. This was not the case when we first started using EW

We would appreciate a suggested solution

That is why they tell you to Disable Auto Lock on the phone when using the Remote App.
Thanks, but where do the advice to have iphone lock off?
In the support documents in the Knowledge base in the Support Area. Specifically mentions it in the Android App KB, but would hold true for any mobile device.