[iOS Remote] Powerpoint Notes Pages in Remote?

Is there any way that I can view the powerpoint "notes" page within the remote app.

I know when I am on business and just using powerpoint - the "presenter view" is invaluable for me to have easy access to my slide notes. And the Office remote app allows me to control PPT on my android phone and read my notes.

Previosuly foldback "comfort monitors" would simply be too hard to read notes - but the iOS remote app is an excellent opportunity to have this feature (it may be there - I can't find it).

I just can't get our youth pastors off using keynote and their ipads as they use this feature all the time, and it means switching video inputs mid service (not great).

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I am sorry but at this time this is not an option that is available. You can add it the feature request list here https://support.easyworship.com/support/discussions/forums/6000039150:2kdn6l9z]Feature Requests