[iOS Remote] Changing Schedules

The app seems to struggle to update when schedules are changed on the PC. There really needs to be a "Refresh" button somewhere where it forces the app to reload. Even force closing it and restarting the app does not force it to reload.

Seems to even had more problems if a PowerPoint is currently being displayed.

Please provide the steps you are going through to replicate this.
Are you changing from one schedule to another, or editing an item in the schedule?
What view are you using in EW?
Now I cannot get it to recreate the issue except for the preview being wrong. Looks like it mostly is around using PowerPoint. I am unable to see any animations on the preview. It only shows the base PP slide.

Also, if on a song, then go live with a PP, the preview gets stuck on the song slide.

Do not have a lot of time to really test today so I will post more if I can get it to regularly mess up like I saw last Saturday.