[Android Remote] Android Remote - First Impressions

I have been waiting for this long enough

- Connecting to the pc was not that straight forward

- When it eventually connected there was a static image (no live update of the live window)

- Could not gain access to control live output

- Second try out failed to connect
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Thanks for the feedback.

First, did you follow the instructions in the email for connecting for the first time?

Where did you get stuck in those instructions?

I've posted them again below.

Have you checked to make sure that EasyWorship is allowed through windows firewall?

It usually asks when you open EW the first time.

Also try uninstalling bonjour from control panel, then reinstall using the prompt that EasyWorship provides when it opens.

To connect the Remote app to EasyWorship the first time:

1. If the Remote icon is not displayed on EasyWorship’s toolbar, go to Edit->Options->Advanced, and check Enable Remote Control.

2. If the Remote icon in EasyWorship contains a red X, click the icon and toggle the On/Off button at the bottom right of the drop down.

3. In the Remote app on the phone, enter settings by clicking the red circle, or by clicking the hamburger icon then the gear. Select the Server line, then select your server.

4. In EasyWorship, click the Remote icon then click Pair next to your device.

5. Newly added remotes will initially not be allowed to control EasyWorship. To give a remote permission to control EasyWorship, click the Remote icon in EasyWorship, then the lock icon next to a device. The lock will change to a remote, indicating full control is allowed.