[v7 General Discussion] Easyworship Vmix Glitch - Vmix not displaying on Easyworship feed

We have set up Vmix on one computer and Easyworship on the other. The Vmix computer can 'see' the Easyworship computer but isn't displaying the feed, it just finds a blank screen. When testing at home there is no problem, but when in church premises we have the problem. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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There are a lot of assumptions here as I don't really know how you are trying to do this.

We have been doing the same for a long time so I will explain what we have been doing.

Assuming you are using EW 7 and you know all about NDI there are a couple of ways you can do it.

OK, You are running EW as normal with the output going to your FOH Projector, You may also have a monitor on your AV desk so you can see exactly what should be going n the big screen.

We run the vMix Desktop capture on the EW PC. This just runs in the background and you don't really see it doing much - except that it works fine. That should send all 3 EW screens (and other stuff too) to your vMix PC via your network - wired or wireless but preferably wired.

In Vmix you click on Add Input then choose NDI/Desktop Capture. Make sure you have the NDI highlighted and not the Local Desktop Capture. You should be able to see all 3 of the EW screens showing. I have noticed that sometimes they just show black until you click on them then they show OK as a thumbnail. You can also RIGHT Click on the NDI thumbnail and change your choice of inputs from the EW machine.

This will also work for EW 6.

Another way, but only for EW 7, is to send the EW output to NDI. You will not get anything on your projection screen as EW will only send to NDI OR the screen not both. You can then pick up that NDI /EW output into vMix. NOTE: No projector display happens with this option!

Yet another way is to set EW to output to NDI and run the NDI tools/ studio Monitor on your second screen. Set Studio Monitor to pick up the EW NDI feed. Of course this will be running on the same video output as you projector so will show on the projector, on your desktop "Comfort" monitor and will pick up into vMix as an NDI feed.

Of course, non of these options will work if NDI is not running on the EW pc, either from EW 7, or using the vMix Desktop Capture (free) utility and it is running correctly. Tis utility must have all the files in the one folder or it won't run correctly. This may be your issue on your church EW PC.

If you are streaming as we are during Covid with few in the church, and using song words as lower thirds, you might be using a Green screen background for your songs. Try setting your song background to NONE rather than the green screen. Works the same but you don't have a gastly green thumbnail showing in VMix yet the words still show fine.

Various options here for you to try.