[v7 General Discussion] Songs USB to PC

Hi - I am looking forward to upgrading from EW6 to EW7 subscription. I understand this will allow me and others to prepare schedules in advance on their laptops and load them on to EW7 on the church PC. I understand the licence allows us to project from one PC only.

When we upgraded from EW2009 to EW6 we lost the facility for songs prepared on USB to be automatically saved in the church EW6 database. If we prepare songs in advance on USB and load them to the church PC will these be automatically be saved in the EW7 church PC database

No. Opening up a schedule from a USB will NOT automatically import the songs into the database. Upgrading from EW6 to EW7 will not change this as both have the ability to import the songs, but you have to do it manually. When you create a new song or songs, or update an existing song or songs on one computer place all of the new/updated songs into a schedule and save it. I recommend checking the "pack files in schedule" so it includes any images or motion backgrounds with it. Now open that schedule on the other computer and use the "check schedule for changes" option to import them into that computer. More information on doing this can be found below.

I agree with RVadon.

However, one thing you will need to think through is how to keep all the computers concerned updated with all the new and edited songs. If you correct a few spelling mistaiks you don't want someone else to use the previous version of the song and change them all back again!

Maybe you can email the schedule to all users and they can update their laptops with each Sunday's new songs.
Thank you - this answers my query. i generally do all the laptop schedules myself