[v7 General Discussion] Key Strokes

We use EW7 to control multiple ppt presentations (songs w/ score) which are combined in a video mixer with a video camera image and sent thru OBS for streaming. Each ppt page (containing 2 bars of the score) is full screen background and song leader is a P in P inserted in the corner. The last slide in each presentation (song) file is a black slide (edited in EW7) which signals the need to move the next file to Go Live. It is a one button push on the video mixer to end the P-in-P and go to full screen showing the pulpit/stage for prayers, sermon, etc.

What are best keyboard stroke methods for advancing EW7 schedule files, moving selection to Go Live, and moving through the slides in each ppt? Any other Ideas? Tech Deacon
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EasyWorship Keyboard Shortcuts Guide For the most part I use Page Down to go to the next item in the schedule and down arrow to more thru the slides in a specific song or presentation.