[v7 General Discussion] Feature Request - Display Copyright on Foldback

I would like to request displaying the CCLI/Copyright info as an option on the Foldback display. It can be disabled by default so as not to change the existing behavior. Here's why:

We have An Easyworship computer for presentation and a VMix computer for livestream. For our online-only church services, I found I can set the song lyric's background to a solid color in Easyworship and make that color transparent in VMix. This gives me a clean lyric overlay to our video feed. As we start having people attend in-person again, our service director likes images as a background to our lyrics for our auditorium, which I can't make transparent. So I thought I would just use the Foldback display as you can assign it its own solid-color background. The problem is, no copyright info. So if we want to continue to have lyrics in our livestream, no image backgrounds in-person.

I feel like this could be usable in other situations too, and it seems like a simple change. I hope you agree!