[v7 General Discussion] What is the difference between Decklink Video Capture (direct show) and Blackmagic WDM Capture (direct show)

I am using a Blackmagic Design Decklink Mini Recorder to stream our services to OBS. I want to use EasyWorship 7 with the lower thirds, but the Decklink is already in use from OBS. How can I setup a feed to use the program output from the Decklink in EasyWorship 7? I added it as a feed, but I don't have any video showing. There are several options: Decklink Mini Recorder, Blackmagic WDM Capture (Direct Show), and Decklink Video Capture (Direct Show). Each one does not produce a preview the video coming from the Decklink if OBS is also running (device is currently in use).
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A capture card can only display the video in one place at a time. if it's running in OBS, then it won't work anywhere else. I don't think there's a difference in the options. You can contact blackmagic and ask what the differences are.