[v7 General Discussion] Cloud-based Song Database

I have probably missed this, or perhaps just a high hope. I would love to be able to have the entire song, video, image database stored in the cloud, so that all parts of the team can access it from home, or other computer, and any edits made, will be global, so that the whole team operates on the same core database. Is there currently a way for this to work?
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Sort of, but with caveats. You can store a copy of the profile in the cloud, but you need to make sure that only one person at a time is editing it or not all changes will be saved. That said, running off a profile stored in the cloud isn't supported, nor does it work very well due to the slow speed and latency of the Internet. While it might be okay when setting up a schedule, it wouldn't work for running the schedule.

I know there have been other threads about this in here that you might want to search for and read. I think Rodger King (a former EW Tech Support Representative) had some advice on the pitfalls and issues involved with trying to run from the Cloud. It was either here or on the EW Facebook User Group.