[v7 General Discussion] EasyWorship 7 with CCLI license

Hope someone out there can give me an answer on this. Our church uses Easy Worship 7 and pays for the CCLI license separately. Recently it was noticed that some of the music we use is NOT covered by CCLI. My question is, Do we need to continue to pay for CCLI separately or can we get rid of it all together since its from my understanding somewhat integrated with SongSelect?
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Your CCLI licence is not connected with Easyworship in any way, Neither is your SongSelect licence.

Your CCLI Licence allows you to project the words of songs they have in their system, but you must display the CCLI number which EW can do easily for you.

Your Song Select licence allows you to Download songs from the CCLI system directly into EasyWorship. You pay a fee for each of these licences. You also pay a fee for the use of EW.

Any song that is not on the CCLI system may be of two types.

1. Public Domain - This means you can use it as you wish with no permissions required.

2. "Privately/corporately" copyrighted. This means that CCLI do not cover this song and to use it legally you should contact the copyright owner and ask permission to use that song in your church database. There may or may not be a fee for that privilege. An example - in our church hymnal there are about 70 songs that are not covered by CCLI and are not public domain. I do not have these in our church database and have told our worship leaders not to choose them. All others are either public domain or covered by CCLI. We also use lots from other song books as well.

No, you can't "get rid" of your CCLI licence and remain legal unless all songs you use are public domain or you have been granted permission by the copyright owner/s.