[v7 General Discussion] Access Violation with New Songs

When I imported a song from SongSelect 2 weeks ago, the format of the slide was messed up with the author/publisher/CCLI# in the middle of the screen among the lyrics instead of at the bottom where they usually are. When I try to edit the song (either in the Library or in the Schedule) I get "Access violation at address 00FB8ECC in module 'Easyworship.exe'. Read of address 00000054."

So I tried adding a new song from scratch and got the same Access violation message. I am able to edit previously created songs, so I ended up taking an old song we never use, and overwriting it with the new song. I also just discovered today I can drag a theme onto the imported song and it works fine, including being able to edit it.

I am using Build on Windows 10. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling EasyWorship and tried a Windows update with no change.

This is something we will need to trouble shoot. You will want to create a ticket so that we can help you with this.
Did this ever get resolved? I have the same issue but when adding/editing Themes. I had never installed EasyWorship on this PC and did not import any template data. I created a new Theme and received the error attached. I have even tried exporting the theme and re-importing with no luck.
Try creating a new theme and set it as default and see if you still get the same error.
Changing the Default Theme worked. Thank you!