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Is there a definitive list of what settings are stored where?

From what I understand...

  • [*]The Profile stores the Songs database and Media resources

  • [*]The Options File stores the settings about fonts etc
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    Both the Profile and Options File can be located on a Windows network share for sharing between multiple users (but not a Linux NAS officially).

    Then there's some PC settings that an Administrator can set once for all users of that machine:

  • [*]Output monitor

  • [*]Activation

  • [*]List of Profiles
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    But I have now noticed there seems to be some settings that aren't read from the shared network Profile or Options File, aren't read from a machine setting, but rather seem to be set separately for every user account on every PC:
  • [*]Which Profile to use on startup

  • [*]Show live screen on startup
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    But rather than my guesswork, is there a proper list somewhere? In particular the settings that individual users will need to do themselves (rather than once per machine / in the profile) will need highlighting.

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    Not sure if there is a list, but here is a list where the settings are stored. There are multiple locations based on the types of settings they are. This is fairly standard for windows applications.

    Any global settings like display settings and such are stored in


    Any settings that are based on the system profile that is logged in are stored in the appdata folder


    The working temp folder that EW uses when you build or load a schedule is in appdata also


    The settings that are based on the EasyWorship profile are stored in c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\profile folder\v6.1... This folder could also be located on an external or network drive.

    Hope that helps.