[v7 General Discussion] Have a question about EasyWorship 7


My pastor and me are new to "EasyWorship" and he wants to know if there is a way while he is speaking live to the church and mention a bible scripture could it populate on our monitors as he speak.

Or if he randomly says a bible scripture is there any way it could pop up on the monitor using EasyWorship. I would be the one using the program and showing a few other leads at the church how to use it once I learn it.

I need help with this request as soon as possible, thank so you much in advance.

If you click on the scripture tab and then type the book name then the space bar and type the chapter space bar and verse and then hit enter it will sent it directly to the live screen.

Ex: Gen (spacebar)1(spacebar)2(enter)
Terry is quite right, but it works very much better if your pastor gives you the heads up that he is likely to use a particular verse before he starts!.

If he says "For God so loved the world" and doesn't tell you it is John 3: 16 you can still find it but he may have moved on to the next topic before you type it in to the search bar. Typing in "john 3 16 is much quicker.