[v7 General Discussion] Video's don't play well through EW but fine through Media Player


When we play video files (MP4's usually) they don't play well through EW... lag, stutter, not as clear etc... HOWEVERr when I play the EXACTLY the same file through Windows Media Player instead of EW on EXACTLY the same PC and the same data projectors etc they play perfectly... So I am guessing there is a setting or something in EW that I need to change to play video's just as well through EW as they play through Windows Media Player???

Help appreciated :-)
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EasyWorship uses a different video rendering engine to display videos. Between EW itself and the video rendering subsystem it requires more CPU and GPU power to render a video than a stand alone video player like WMP, VLC, etc. Without knowing your hardware specs and the video specs (bitrate, resolution, type of encoding such as H264 or H265) there are entirely too many variables that are unknown at this point to properly diagnose this.

That said, anything older than 3rd Generation Intel Core i series systems will have trouble properly displaying standard MP4 or H264 MP4 videos higher than 360 or 480p thru EW with the integrated Intel graphics. H265 encoded videos require even more processing power. You can try going to "Edit - Options - Advanced" and putting a check mark by the "Disable GPU Shrink Filter" under "Video Card Options" to see if that allows EW to display videos correctly. If it does you will know that your computer's hardware is not sufficient to handle EW.

Please note that using that option is a diagnostic tool only. It is not meant for every day usage and can produce unreliable overall results. If you provide a detailed listing of your hardware specs I can provide some additional suggestions.