[v7 General Discussion] Question about Midi Configuration Control Cues

We have started using Ableton Live for click and backing tracks. We currently use EW6 but I see that the EW7 Subscription uses the rtpMidi application to be able to send midi cues from Ableton to control schedule items, logo, clear, etc... I am very interested in this feature and would be willing to upgrade to EW7 Subscription, but I have a few questions...

1. Using midi cues in Ableton Live 9 and a demo version of EW7, I was able to get the slides in a song to switch to the next slide in the song, or even just to a specific numbered slide in that song. I haven't yet found the cue that allows me to switch to the next song. There are items such as Prev. Schedule and Next Schedule but when I trigger their cues nothing happens. Again I can move around freely in the slides of an individual song, but not between schedule items. Am I missing something?

2. I see that there is an Ableton Live Set Export, but unfortunately it is only for Live 10. is there any way to get an earlier version file or do you only support Ableton Live 10?

I just want to be sure that this is a viable option that will work for us before presenting a purchase request for several hundred dollars. I am sure you can understand. Thank you for your help and blessings.

Download the manual from this link https://easyworship.com/help/EasyWorship7Manual.pdf]PDF and look on page 376. If this does not help let me know.
I am just getting in to midi control of EW7 with Ableton Live 10.

Used the Ableton Live set export and saved in Ableton.

Simple to use; just drag and drop the cue you wish to use to a midi track

All cues work for me except Prev. Schedule and Next Schedule.

Are these suppose to move to the prev/next item in a schedule?

A command for "Go Live" would also complete the set.

Anybody else who has more experience with EW7 midi control, suggestions would be appreciated. :D

Thanks, Kevin
I have Ableton Live 10 running and can change slides in a song, clear, logo with the included Ableton

Midi setup but there does not seem to be any way to go-to the next or previous item in the schedule list and then make it active .

What am I missing

No action is triggered with "Prev" and "Next" Schedule. Everything else works fine with Ableton Live 10.

I did not follow up the reply that I received from "Terry" at support. Looking at the manual did tell me anything new.

It still seems that the above "bug" about moving from one schedule item does not work.

Hopefully EW support can give us an answer. Rest is working perfectly for me in our services.
Hi Kevin

How do you get easyworship 7 to move to the next scheduled item and go live all with the midi?
Hi Ron, I have downloaded the EW app to my android phone.

From my keyboard I control EW 7 with my phone which I use to move to the next song in the schedule.

I have a blank slide at the beginning of each song which loads up when the next song is selected.

I then start Ableton live which has been programed to move the through the song slides and then finish on a blank slide at the end.

Ableton live is connected via midi to my BeatBuddy drum machine so that everything lines up and starts at the same time.

The phone must be connected to the same network as the computers running EW 7 and Ableton live.

Hope this helps.
Hi Kevin

Thanks for the quick response. I will use that as a work around

Hopefully someone from easyworship will see this and get it fixed I want fully automated easyworship.

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in answering your questions on Next and Previous Schedule with MIDI.

This is actually not a bug and it is designed to work a specific way. If you choose the next or previous schedule as a MIDI cue, that just selects that item. You will need a second cue to actually go to one of the slides in the song.

For example:

Let's say I drag the Next Schedule cue, or a GoTo Schedule # cue, onto my song in Ableton. When it hits that cue, it will select the next item in the schedule or the schedule item that corresponds with the GoTo Schedule #. Right after that cue, I want to drag in the GoTo Slide #1 (or whatever slide you want to display first). This will actually GoLive to that slide in that schedule item.

So, to sum up, changing schedule items is a 2 cue process, not just 1 cue. I use this every week with the Loop Community Prime app. I use the Schedule No. cue and tell it what schedule item to select next and then right after that, I add the Slide No. cue with slide 1 so it displays my first slide (which is always blank), and then I use the next build cue to advance to the first lyric slide when we start singing and so on.

Let me know if you still have questions about this.
Thank you for the detailed explanation.

The crucial piece of information that I missed is to place the GoTo Schedule #cue, right next to the GoTo Slide #1 cue.


As you say it is a two cue process and those cues must be beside each other.

I was leaving a bar between so it would not operate.

Now it is all working fine.

kind regards,