[v7 General Discussion] audio embedded in powerpoint not loading

So, I have a pptx file made in Office 2007, I believe, that has an imbedded mp3 audio file. It plays fine in PowerPoint 2007 and SoftOffice 2016. However, the audio will not play in EasyWorship 7. (Made a huge upgrade leap from 2009, but it played fine in 2009 too.)

Any ideas? Thanks

Should work in 7. EW isn't controlling the audio, at that point. PowerPoint is playing the file. I've played plenty of PowerPoints with audio through EW. Are you using PowerPoint 2010 viewer or the full PowerPoint application? What version of office is on the EasyWorship computer?
Neither the viewer nor the PP app will play the audio through EW7. I think it's Office 2007. Old, I know, but the computer doesn't really do many Office functions, and it used to work in EW 2009. If it matters, EW7 DOES play stand-alone mp3 files, and also plays the audio portion of video files.
Okay, got it figured out based on another reply in a forum about EW6. All of the files were in Dropbox, which in addition to cloud storage has a mirror on the local computer. But for some reason EW7 doesn't like playing PP with audio out of this mirror. I set up a purely local folder for all of the files, and voilĂ : a miracle has occurred. It plays!
Pfft. Spoke too soon. Worked yesterday, powered down. Today - nope. Frustrating...
Can you make the slide and supporting files available to download so some of us can take a look at it and see what we can figure out? I've never run into a problem with playing PPT/PPTX files with embedded audio or video files thru EW 2009, 6, or 7.