[v7 General Discussion] Pixelated presentation when viewing from a remote device

Hi all,

Our church uses the iOS/Android remote for EasyWorship to control the liturgy and sermon during the service.

We noted that whenever we see a ppt being presented, it looks pixelated on iPhone/iPad/Android Device.

What's presented to the projector is fine, but we're just confused why is it pixelated on iPhone/iPad/Android Device.

This is further compounded when we're watching a video (embedded within ppt) on iPhone/iPad/Android Device.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Is this more of a bandwidth issue?

Thank you.



I am pretty sure they do not send full resolution images over to the remote as it requires network bandwidth. Though I have never noticed PP slides looking any worse than EW slides.
Yes a reduced quality thumbnail is sent to the remote app. On tablets like the ipad you will notice pixelated thumbnails due to the scaling of the low quality image. This helps the thumbnails to load faster and more reliably on slower networks.
Thank you for the replies.

That's good to know about the intended pixelated thumbnails.

Saying that, is there a way for us to configure how much bandwidth we want to "send through" the network?

I understand that this may require network bandwidth to achieve less pixelated pictures,

but I wonder if this flexibility can be given to us?

Thank you.


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