[v7 General Discussion] CLEAR Button

On several occasions both myself and my church operators have been caught out with the way the CLEAR button works.

On occasions you may wish to GO LIVE with a song but you don't want the song words on the main screen e.g A special item singer wants the words on the third monitor but not on the main screen. (Text still goes to the third monitor even though it is not showing on the main screen and is very useful for the purpose above) One of my experienced operators actually got caught with this just last week.

Currently you have to think in advance and ensure the at the end of the previous song you[i] cleared[/i] the words and not just hit BLACK.

For example, if you have a video clip playing and the next item needs to Go Live but with CLEARED text, you cannot use the button to clear that text on the next item while the video is running.

Our thoughts are that you should be able to use that CLEAR button at any time no matter what is running on screen

We have created a blank song slide with no words and a plain black background that we use for a spacer. We named it 0_spacer so it's the first song on the list making it easy to find quickly. We can insert that between any two items in the schedule. In a situation like this we would insert it between the video and the song you want started with cleared text. Click the Go Live button to advance to the spacer slide, click Clear, then click Go Live. It's actually easier than it sounds.

Yes I know it's not exactly what you are requesting, but it is an easy and viable option.
I've only recently discovered this forum despite using EW for several years... anyhow I've not managed to get the CLEAR button to do what I expect since an early release of EW6 (or perhaps earlier). It just blanks the whole screen - words and background leaving a black screen. So we've resorted to the same workaround, a song slide with just the background. It's frustrating though and I wish CLEAR worked the way it used to way back and just remove the words leaving the background. The BLACK button gets rid of words and background when needed...
If the "background" is cleared you didn't set a background, you've just applied a foreground image/video then put text on it.

To set a background, you can do it a couple of ways.

You can click inspector and go to background and set it.

Drag and drop from the media drop down to the slide on the left of the screen.

You can go to the master and set the background the same way.

Drag and drop a theme or media item from resources onto the song in the schedule.

Creating a theme with the background set the same way will have a similar effect.

Here's a good video to check out regarding backgrounds.

Thanks so much! Yes, that's exactly what we'd done, the main song theme had the moving "background" not actually set as the background. Fixed that and the CLEAR button works as expected :)