[v7 General Discussion] Duplicate songs

Is it possible to duplicate a song in the database? We have songs in the database where we want to change them to three verses. I can copy the information from a song and paste it into a new renamed song but you have to go back and forth to get the copyright information. Is there an easier way to do this?

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I would place the song you want to modify in the schedule.

Right click on the schedule and choose EDIT ITEM

Edit your song words to suit your requirements and then add to the NAME - Version 2, V2, 3 verse version - or whatever you like to show that version has been modified.

Click on OK and return to the schedule.

Right Click on the schedule and choose - CHECK SCHEDULE FOR CHANGES.

Import the "new"/modified song into your main database. All the copyright info will be there too as per the original.

You would then have the song listed twice in your database list but showing the modified version as one of the listings

e.g. in my song list I have:

Holy Holy Holy 73 (Original, and showing its song number in our hymnal. The number also helps EW search for that song)

Holy Holy Holy (medley) V 3 (modified)

Holy Holy Holy (Medley) V 4 (Modified)

Holy Holy Holy (Medley) (Modified)

"Same" song but 4 different versions.