[v7 General Discussion] NDI foldback output

Hi Easyworship Team,

Can I request a NDI output for the foldback output?

It would be nice to have both NDI and direct monitor output but for a start I would be very happy with just NDI.

This would be super useful as it means you can just place a laptop somewhere and it becomes a foldback monitor or an old iMac etc...

Going to be using EW at a camp meeting soon and will run a all IP system including front of house via NDI direct from EW and foldback via VMIX Capture. It will just be tidier if the foldback could go NDI direct.

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Hi All,

We ran a week of programs with NDI foldback monitors using a Beelink n41 running Newtek Studio Monitor set to auto start full screen. This worked extremely well for our purposes. We use vmix capture to convert the Foldback monitor to a NDI stream and a EDID HDMI dummy plug to fool the gpu in to thinking a monitor is connected.

We were seeing about 130msec latency with that setup where every thing was wired Ethernet. Which sufficed for foldback monitors. A more powerful computer would be able to get a better latency I suspect.

It would be really neat to remove the need for a dummy plug/monitor and just have the Easyworship output the foldback signal via NDI. This would help with latency and losing programs on to the foldback monitor when windows decides that is the best place to launch it...

One of the primary advantages that this offers is that you can easily switch the foldback monitors to another NDI source via the web interface on Newtek Studio Monitor. This meant that we could switch between Easyworship Foldback and a presenters computer running power point so that we could display presenter view for the presenter. (The presenters computer was running vMix capture)