[v7 General Discussion] EW7 Approved Remote Clickers

We are upgrading our equipment and therefore going to upgrade to V7 soon. We have wanted to get a clicker for people to advance their powerpoint slides themselves. I see that you have the remote apps for iOS and Android now but when we have guest speakers they won't have the app and it would be nice to just hand them the clicker and a quick understanding of the buttons. What remote clickers do you recommend for EW7?

Check out these pages on the EW Support Site

I have used for a long time now, the Logitech R800. it has a 30 meter range and only a few buttons.

There is an R400 version - 15 meter range and an R700 - not sure of the range. All have laser pointers but I don't like presenters waving a red or green dot all over the picture on screen!

From my experience, the fewer buttons the better as some people just can't get the hang of using a remote. They also press the wrong buttons which can do all sorts of strange things to the presentation.

The one we have in our church (R800) has been programmed via the EW file (Discussed in the post above), to ONLY advance the slide. That means if people press any other buttons, they do nothing. That only programs the remote for EW and not other program e.g PP.

People always ask "how do I go back?" Well, in my opinion they should build their PP so they don't have to go backwards. I have seen presenters get tied in huge knots because of this and also by using lots of transitions and animations - especially if they try and "go back".

Keep your PP simple - far more effective and easier to control.
I might also recommend that you consider buying an iPad (instead of a remote) and just have it available as a remote control. That is what we do now, we just provide an iPad instead of a remote and is pretty simple to operate.

Probably a more expensive option (though you can buy an older model), but might work better for you as it does for us.
If money is a concern as it is in a lot of smaller churches having an old, unactivated cell phone (either iPhone or Android) with no sim card is an option. It doesn't need to be the latest and greatest, just able to hold a charge for a few hours. You can also pickup cheap Android tablets (new and/or used) for about the same as an actual remote.
For our home church in MN, the SMK RemotePoint Jade has been a workhorse. When we started our missionary travels I purchased my own and it is usually rock solid.

I have mine programmed for forward, back, page down and blackout.