[v7 General Discussion] Default Song Themes

If I change various characteristics in the Default Song Theme what should be passed on to songs using that theme?

As an example font size seems to be passed but font name, outline and shadow do not.

I'm now on EW7.1.3 but have been confused in earlier versions.

I am on the same build and whatever you change in the default theme changes in the song when you apply it to the song.
Grrr...I forgot to tick for reply so didn't see this immediately. Any chance of changing the default?

I've changed the default from Tahoma,Auto,White to Arial,48,Yellow,Italic

When I go into a song the bar shows Tahoma,48,White

Click on Slides tab and bar shows Arial,48,Yellow,Italic

Go back to Words do CTRL A then tap anywhere and bar then shows Arial,48,Yellow,Italic

The song slides look to be correct all the time ie Arial,48,Yellow,Italic

I think it is working - just that the bar isn't showing correctly what's going on.