[v7 General Discussion] Convert backgrounds to media files instead of themes?

Hi, we have been using Easy Worship 2007 for ten years at our church and have been really happy with it.

We are now finally upgrading to Easy Worship 7 partially due to the new remote app functionality.

For most services we use a consistent background (and common text style) through all slides.

However we frequently decide what background, among several, to use for the entire service just before the service starts.

This is partly due to the fact that we want to see what the images looks like on the projection screen before deciding.

To change the background of all the items in the schedule one by one seems like a real pain for us being used to be able to do it very easily.

In another thread Easy Worship support suggested using a theme and then change the background of the theme as a solution to this problem.

Not ideal in my view but it would work.

However, when upgrading our database to Easy Worship 7 all our old backgrounds where converted to themes.

To be able to change the background in a single default-theme i would need backgrounds as media-files. Right?

Is there any easy solution to this? We have not kept the originals files for most of our backgrounds.
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I have found the solution for my own question.

All my old backgrounds could be found in


To be able to select them i EW7 copy thm to: