[v7 General Discussion] Setup for Chroma Key

We have recently added Livestream HD550 production for video and am investigating Chroma Key for words.

Current Setup (all works great)

EW Desktop PC

[Monitor1] = Desktop

[Monitor2] = Projectors

Feed (HD550 VIA Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle)

Livestream HD550

two wired cameras

EW PC [Monitor2] = Remote Camera (see attached)

I have added third monitor with the hope to ADD Chroma Key for words only over video to HD550. It's all set extended [Monitor3] works in windows and in EW. I can get [Monitor3] as foldback while [Monitor2] normal with backgrounds.

When I setup Chroma Key it replaces background. How do I get [Monitor3] Chroma Key (words only no background) while [Monitor2] normal with backgrounds.

Hope that makes sense.

Check out this article. I think it might help.

Thanks for the reply. As it turns out I worked through that and, can get the Chroma key to work in Video mixer but, it also shows on the projector.

Can EW send (at the same time) a normal slide with background to Projector/[Monitor2] AND chroma slide to VideoMixer/[Monitor3]?
To clarify question: Can EW present projector normal full slide while VideoEditor shows lower third slide
EasyWorship can do either or, but not both. You would need another computer to do that.
Thanks. Is it possible to change background color on foldback to a solid shade other than black?
at this time the foldback color can only be black. Usually your mixer will allow you to use black as the key color though.