[v7 General Discussion] PowerPoint exclamation marks

Running EW and PowerPoint (64-bit, Office 365), when I import a PowerPoint to the Presentations area, the thumbnail has the dreaded exclamation mark on it, and a (Windows) message appears saying I haven't enough memory or resources (which is clearly nonsense, I have tons of both!). Other people in my church have no problems (but they're not running 64-bit PowerPoint under Office 365).

I've searched in vain for a solution to this problem - I've even reinstalled Office; I've set all the various locations as "trusted" within PowerPoint; I've checked the EW Presentations folder (it's only got the one PowerPoint file - the one I'm trying to display).

I've attached the PowerPoint Troubleshooting log (from EW's Help menu) in case that helps.

Any ideas?

It looks like EW is finding registry keys for office 15 (2013) and 16 (2016). It's finding PowerPoint 2016 from what the troubleshooting log is displaying.

Let's try installing the 7.1 beta and see if that helps. Here's the link: &
Sorry for the delay in replying - life has been rather busy lately. I've just downloaded the 7.1 beta (build Alas, same results!
Does the MS office installation show up under Windows Control Panel under uninstall a program?
I have the same experience. I used 7.1 Beta also, when the beta was a new release it is working properly but I think this problem occurs after a latest update from microsoft office. I hope this will fix ASAP. God bless.
Please see these help articles:

Came back to this problem after living with it for a while, and discovered this article () from May this year. Took my courage in both hands and went for it... yay! Problem solved! I had to go in and manually (gulp!) delete a few left-over folders, but all is now well. Phew!
I am glad to hear that it is working now.