[v7 General Discussion] EasyWorship 7 Issue - Font size changing in songs after edit.

We recently upgraded and started using EasyWorship 7 ( For the two Sundays we have used it we have had issues.

On the first Sunday: I ran our first service fine but during the second service one of the songs lost verses as it was displayed. After the service I checked the schedule and it hadn't been modified or re-saved since the first service but was missing a large chunk of that song. Reloaded EasyWorship and the schedule and that part was still missing. Seems like the last schedule change and save modified the song somehow in the schedule. The database copy was still fine.

On the second Sunday (today): When editing a song in the schedule after making a few text changes the font on all slides goes small. In the song editor, the preview may show it fine but if you click on the slides tab the thumbnails show the text small. Sometimes clicking Ok will now make the song in the schedule have small text, other times it won't. The other odd thing is if that happens to a song, adding the original database version to the schedule as well will show the original song in a small font size also in the preview or live views. But if you then delete the modified version from the schedule, the original version now shows the correct font size in the preview and live windows without making an any other changes. Also have seen this morning when adding a song to the schedule from the database it is fine but if you then edit it in the schedule, the schedule windows immediately shows small fonts when it appears. From what I have seen this morning it appears to be a rendering issue with how the item data in interpreted not an issue with the saved data. (Using Tahoma font)

For the moment, since most our DP operators are not experts at EasyWorship, we will roll back to v6 until v7 is working reliably.

Would appreciate to hear if anyone else has had similar issues. Will try and test on a second computer and narrow down what

might trigger issues when I have more time.


Nathan Johns


Windows 10 (17134.135)

Intel Core i5 (16 Gb Ram)

Nvidia GTX 960
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My font issues may or may not be releted. Due to the ongoing inability to display PP I am converting the pastor's PP into EW slides. For this one - as it was simply Psalm 1 - split over 8 slides decided it might be easier to use the song editor so that I could easily control where the Scripture breaks came. So loaded up the Scripture passage - copy to clipboard and then pasted into the song editor. All fine in principle. Due to a photographic background I wanted to outline the text. CTRL A = select all and applied to all text - seemed fine. Then for some reason I decided to remove the outline. Except that I couldn't - no toggle. With some experimentation it seemed that any text effects applied across multiple slides (selected using CTRL A) couldn't be reversed across all slides. Had to select the text in each slide individually. Even more problems with setting size. For some reason EW decided to make all the text ridiculously big - Despite having autosize to fit off. So what should have been a ten minute job became 40 minutes fighting the software. This happens far too often. After quitting EW and reloading managed to get the text to behave and finally got the desired result.

Another issue discovered on the way is that it wasn't possible to adjust the opacity of a background jpg in the song editor. You can do it in the slide editor of course but the options were just greyed out in the song editor - why?

None of this would have been necessary of course if EW could simply project PP slides properly.

Will download the new Beta after this morning's service and see if that's any better...