[v7 General Discussion] Primary Monitor - Dual Set Up

Is it normal when operating EW in dual set-up mode (extend mode) (using a PC) that when I minimise EW, I can also see the live output on the primary screen? (in otherwards the live words are behind the EW screen on the primary display).

(i.e. it appears on the right and left screen)

The problem is, if I press the minimise button on the primary screen when live is active, the primary screen goes black and I have to do a ctr-alt-delete.. close/restart programmes. If I press the live button on the primary display in EW, the problem doesn't occur... the primary screen doesn't go blank/black.

You understand? Any questions, just ask. A solution would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

I just tried what you said but can't seem to reproduce it. Every time I clicked on the minimise button on the control screen, that, and the second monitor display of EW disappeared and other programs which I have running at the moment showed. I clicked on the EW icon that was now in the system tray and EW came back full screen on both monitors.

I have used EW for a very long time and one thing I tell my AV team is - Never minimise EW. If you need to look at some other software, open it over the top of EW - particularly if you are projecting something at the time. When minimised, you have no control at all over EW and if you have audio playing in EW it may not stop, and you need to click on icons to bring it all back, - time consuming and you risk the wrong thing going on screen if you click the wrong icon. If you have say an Explore window open over EW do not have it full screen so you can quickly click on EW to regain control if needed in a hurry.

I always also have EW LIVE - unless I need to run some other software that EW cannot project. I have that already running on the second monitor (projector) and with EW Live, EW will always be on top. Click the LIVE button and the EW display disappears and the other program will then be live. I only do this though on special occasions.
I believe with EW 6&7 the behavior has changed. If you are live, EW will project even if minimized.
cragmash is correct about this. This is working as designed in response to customer requests over many years.