[v7 General Discussion] How was EW built to be operated?

Was the mindset behind song slides that the song sequence eg. v1 pr ch v2 v3 pr ch br ch end be set up with 10 slides shown consecutively or the desired next slide being chosen by the operator?

We are new users and have come from EasySlides where the song sequence is defined and the slides are built "on the fly" so the operator simply moves from top to bottom. Slide lists often were longer than the page so the active slide was always kept at the top until the last slide was on the page and then the active slide moved down to the last slide.

EW doesn't work this way and sometimes we operators are unsure as to where the end of the song is. Is this something we need to get used to because sequencing was designed to be the operators concern or is it worth putting in a feature request to get the active slide at the top as described above?
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You can set it up either way, you can edit the song to go exactly how you want it so you can just arrow through it or you can just choose the slide you are on whatever order it's in.