[v7 General Discussion] Black/Logo Foldback Monitor

We would like to start taking advantage of the Folback features in EasyWorship but as I understand it, when you Black/Logo the Live screen, the Foldback screen stays active and does not Black/Logo at the same time. I understand this may be useful at times, but it is also a real pain too.

Our Pastors like to black/Logo the screens themselves while they are preaching but they would not know if this has actually happened or not. Also, our foldback monitor is at the back wall of the room and so is visible to the congregation when they turn round.

Someone correct me if there is a way of black/logo-ing the foldback monitor, but if not can this feature please be implemented soon. Thanks.

There has been discussion of adding some element to the foldback screen to let them know it is blacked out on the main screen. Not sure where it is in the process of adding that feature.
This wouldn't be a solution. As an example, we may show a photo of a family during the notices, we would then go to the Logo screen until our next song, during this time the foldback screen at the back of the room would still be showing the photo of the family (or maybe the lyrics of the next song or whatever is coming next on the schedule). This seems odd and is certainly not what we want. Surely it can't be hard to add an option for the foldback screen to follow the live output screen's Logo/Black state?