[v7 General Discussion] Keep being logged out

Hi Rodger,

Perfect, that works great now. (It was on Windows 10 btw). How do I go about fixing the fact that there are about a dozen instances of my laptop in the software licences section online?

Also, i'm having an issue on this device with powerpoint, i get the following error message: "There's not enough memory or system resources to start PowerPoint" whenever i attempt to import or open a PowerPoint presentation.


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Send an email to support and we'll get the extra instances of the computer removed.

For the error, the last time we had this error appear, the customer had items that were not PowerPoint slideshows in the presentations folder of EasyWorship.

Go to c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\(your profile folder)\resources\presentations

Make sure there isn't anything in there that isn't a powerpoint.