[v7 General Discussion] Keep being logged out

Hi, I have just upgrading from Easyworship 6 to 7. We received the licence on our account today, so tried logging into Easyworship 7 (with the latest updates), no problem. I then close Easyworship down and open it again, it has logged me out and requires me to login again. How do I stop this from happening? Is it supposed to behave this way?

Hi Gus,
This is for sure not normal behavior.
First, make sure the date and time on the computer are correct.
The next time you get the message to log in, try clicking continue and see if the watermark displays on the output screen.
Hi Rodger,
Yeah, the time and date on my computer are correct.
When I click 'continue' after being re-asked to login, without re inputting my credentials, I am back into evaluation mode again with the watermark.
I seem to be racking up a number of long list of offline activations for the computer in my online account.
What version of Windows are you working with?
Let's give this a try.
Make sure EW is closed.
Right click start and click run. or press winkey+r
Type %programdata%\ProgramData\Softouch\Licenses and press enter.
You'll need to show hidden files.
In window 10, click view at the top and check the box next to hidden files.
Find the license.ewk file and see if you can rename it. If you can, try deleting it.
Then reopen EasyWorship and register EW and see if a new file is created there.
Hi Phil,
Glad to hear it's working now. We'll take care of getting rid of the extras.
That error isn't very common. The last time we had that appear, there were items in the presentations folder that were not PowerPoint slideshows.
Browse to c:userspublicpublic documentssoftoucheasyworshipprofile folder
esourcespresentations and make sure all the files in there are .ppt, .pptx or .ewpx files.
You may also need to run the permissions fix to make sure that EasyWorship has access to all of the profile folders.
https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/U ... ta-7-8.exe
This file will also work on Windows 10 even though it's not labeled for it.