[v7 General Discussion] PowerPoint Issue

Last week I installed a 16x9 screen in our church hall then had a meeting the next night. I used a stand alone native 16x9 HDMI input projector to run a PowerPoint via EW during that program. I could not make PP display properly in EW6 and ended up using PP itself to project that PP.which had no issue with the display I then installed EW 7 (latest version) on my laptop and tried again at another hall program, This time was with the hall projector (native 4x3 but set to display at 16x9 and with a VGA input ). I had the same problem. which is still doing the same.
The PP is a 4x3 PP and should show in the middle of the 16x9 screen, however with both projectors, and now at home on a 1920x1080 monitor, I get the same issue. It is not confined to the one PP show but happens on all PP's when used in EW
The screen only displays the left top quarter of the PP picture down the middle of the 16x9 screen. We tried changing settings in the projector but nothing we have tried will prevent this happening. I now realise it has nothing to do with the projector as it is happening on my monitor as well. It happens whether I am using HDMI or VGA output from my laptop
I have PP 2016 with latest updates installed on my laptop and it is set to use Current Resolution. When using the PP app the thumbnails in the Live EW panel show OK but are partially greyed out when using the viewer
I have tried different screen resolution settings and all sorts of other things but this issue persists. If I run the same PP IN PP it shows OK. I can also run it in VMix and it displays OK. So, it seems there is some issue in EasyWorship that is causing this to happen. I now have the absolute latest release of EW (EW 7.04.1) just downloaded and the same problem exists.
EW is set to use the PP application but I just reset it to use the viewer - which is not recommended by EW - but with the PP viewer enabled, the display issue has disappeared, but parts of my Live panel thumbnails are greyed out making it a bit difficult to see what is supposed to be on screen - or coming next. The thumbnail JPG's of the PP slides in the Shared Media folder all show OK.

Any help would be great as I need to use this laptop for several up coming programs in our church hall.
The laptop is an ASUS gaming laptop with an i7 processor and GTX 870 video running on Win 10. I have used this laptop many times projecting from EW, VMix and PP and have never had any previous issue. Videos, songs and other media all play correctly. The only issue is when projecting PP via EW.
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