[v7 General Discussion] Release Date and Specs

A few EW7 questions...

[*:10jmsf24]Is there a list of what's new in EW7? I saw Rodger's change log for beta vs, but not vs EW6.[/*:m:10jmsf24]
[*:10jmsf24]What's the system requirements and hardware compatibility for EW7? I see EW6 here https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ents-ew-6- [/*:m:10jmsf24]
[*:10jmsf24]When roughly are we anticipating an EW7 release?[/*:m:10jmsf24]
[*:10jmsf24]On release date are we expecting EW7 to do everything EW6 does, plus the new stuff? Or will EW7 be released as a work-in-progress, and with certain features only available in EW6 until later EW7 updates.[/*:m:10jmsf24]
[*:10jmsf24]Support articles for EW7?[/*:m:10jmsf24][/list:o:10jmsf24]

The main feature I've always wished EW had was something for keeping databases in sync between various Church computers and volunteers home computers. For Church you could use a NAS, but for getting it home you needed something like OneDrive. However both have always been cautioned against by EW. So hopefully the new EW will either remove that incompatibility... or even sort out syncing through it's own cloud system?