[v7 General Discussion] Expiration

When launching the Beta, I get a notice it will expire in 13 days. Is that just the Beta period? Or do I need to do something to fix that?

That's just for the beta period.
What Happens After beta period Ends. Mr Rogers
Yes, what happens? I assume we will not be able to use the Beta anymore and we will be stuck having to go back to EW6 after getting us hooked on EW7!!

Or will the release of EW7 be at the same time it expires?
We will either release the full version or release another beta with a new expiration date.
I would like to know what the upgrade cost will be. I need to be able to start prepping those in charge for the cost.
I Have The Same Problem As UncleWallace I Need to know what the upgrade cost will be to !!! I need to be able to start prepping My Leaders For The Cost Also !!! Hey Rogers My Videos Just Stopped Working Tonight Screen Black When You Put New Video In It I Put one Of The Old Updates On EW6 And It Started Working Again Then Put The Latest Update Back On And Now It Is OK !!! Merry CHRISTmas !!!
We've extended the Beta. You my have to disconnect and re-login for it to show the new expiration.
What's it likely to cost to upgrade from EW6 - presumably there will be an upgrade pathway?
I'm sorry, we haven't released that information yet, but when we have it finalized, we'll post it.
Pricing info is now available! Check it out here. viewtopic.php?f=47&t=15699&
Hi guys, we have 17 days to the beta expires, is it likely that EW7 will be released after this?
We are planning on upgrading and I understand that we will have 3 months after the release date to upgrade for 50% off the full price.
I'm a bit unsure on which licence to get, we use one copy in our church sanctuary and another I have on my home PC to do schedules and graphics work.
Our church membership is around 75.
Thanks David
EasyWorship 7 has been released and the offer ends April 30 2018.
I would go for either the subscription for 1-99 or the one time one projector license.
The one time single projector license will cover your home computer, but doesn't cover additional computers to project from.
The added benefit of subscription is getting any new features when they are released instead of having to wait to purchase version 8 to get them. I know you don't have to call support very often, but subscription does come with free phone support where the one time purchase gives you 90 days of free support. I hope this helps.
Thanks Rodger, so you won't be updating features for those that have paid for EW7, only those who pay a subscription for it. I'll pass that on to our deacons and see what their reply is.
Right, you'll get bug fixes but not new features. So let's say we add the ability for EW to make pancakes, you would have to be on subscription to get that, or wait till 8 is released.