Indonesian Bible (TB)

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Indonesian Bible

You know we are considered stupid to buy the original EasyWorship while in Indonesia, there are so many pirate software. But we really disappointed that even we bought the original software, we don't have the Indonesian Bible. Until now, we are not using version 6, we are still using version 2009. Someone in Indonesia made the bible for us to use in Easyworship..
Hope we'll received good news soon.

PS. I can send you the 2009 Indonesian Bible if you want to look or edit it..

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Dearest Support team and development team: We Just bought EW6 for our ministries. And now I cant have Indonesian Bible on my EW6. Please let us know I am sure you already aware about this matter. We bought this out of our indonesian money which for us 500$ is a month sallery We waiting for it. Blessings Harley

The TB bible is now available for purchase. 

Hey Roger and Team, 

Thanks for getting this done.



Indonesian Christian Church Canada

Hey EasyWorship team,

Thanks for allowing us to buy and use Indonesian Bible.

Kind regards,

Gwan an

Paroki St. Yakobus, Kelapa Gading, Indonesia