EW7: Powerpoint does not work through NDI after black screen

Today in the service i found a bug/error which I could reproduce:

  • In EW7 the Output is set to NDI
  • In the schedule I have a simple powerpoint with 6 slides
  • Before I select the powerpoint, I set the screen to black (Ctrl-B)
  • Then I double click on the powerpoint and the first slide is selected.
  • At the right time in the service I end Black screen with Ctrl-B so that the Powerpoint is shown
  • The first slide of the Powerpoint is shown in The Live view in EW7 and on NDIĀ 
  • Now the error begins: When i select the next Powerpoint Slide it shows in Live View but in NDI the first slide stays on: NDI does not refresh when i change the slide in EW7.

As a solution i quick selected a song and after that selected teh powerpoint again and after that it worked just fine: Changing a slide in the powerpoint resulted in Live View and NDI change.

In summary: When the screen is black (Ctrl-B) and I select a Powerpoint --> Turn off black screen --> selecting next slides works in Live View in EW but fails over NDI: The first slide stays on in NDI.

Can anyone give some feedback on the error i found?

Additional information:

  • Laptop Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H 82JY
    AMD Ryzen7 5800H
    Nvidia 3060RTX
    16GB RAM
    SSD 512 GB & Win10
  • NDI from EW7 --> (a) OBS and (b) NDI Studio monitor for the beamer
  • MS Office 2019

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