Presentation Inside Another Presentation

 So if I make a presentation, and then want to put that presentation into my looping announcement presentation, is there any way other than recreating it?

Seems like such a simple thing. I often need announcement presentations to be be stand alone and in the looping.

EW themselves would need to answer that. I just remember them posting it in the past.

Now that works! Holding the ctrl key. Would have never thought to do that and also unsure why it is required.

Also see the following to insert an existing presentation into an existing presentation loop

Thanks but that is not what I need. I need to get one presentation into another. Looks like it is not possible.

The following shows how to convert a stand alone presentation into a looping one.

That works if you make the standalone in the looping to start with. I did not in this case.

Make a copy of the presentation and save it under a different name. Leave one as the stand alone and use the other in the announcement loop.

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