Song Adjustments

 So, before Covid a song verse had 8 lines of text and we reduce it now to only two lines. But now some people come back in church, so we need the lyrics on the front screens again. So, the only possibility is to show the unmixed EW-output with the two lines text in the lower thirds position to show on the big screens. I am looking for a function to have still the 8 lines of the complete verse available, define for example 4 blocks of 2 lines into the original verse for the subtitles. The EW operator will see click every 2 lines to the next subtitle screen. EW can automatically jump to the next verse with 8 lines of text when the subtitles goes to the next verse. So, the operator follows the subtitles and EW take care of keeping the complete verse synchronized. How do you think about this feature? Are there already plans to do something like this? I think a lot of churches can benefit from this feature.

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This feature will help all churches to have subtitles(lower thirds) in their livestream and want to show the complete verses in front of the church. This will prevent us from having two volunteers controlling two easy worship computers. This will really help us.

This function wants to help us in combination with multiple outputs. To need 1 instead of 2 volunteers.
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