[v6 General Discussion] Freezing, becoming unusable.

While using EW6 the program freezes and becomes unresponsive, requiring the use of the task manager to close it. The mouse will click around in the program window but nothing works. Even the close button and the menus become unusable. Only way to continue using is to close the program using the task manager and restart.

intel i7 3.2 ghz
8gb Ram
EW 6.1.8

We bought this new computer to handle EW6 please advise as to how to fix this problem. Reverting back to 2009 is not an option because it was never on this new computer or we would go back until EW6 was finished.

In EasyWorship under EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED do you have it checked to use the Viewer? Which version of PowerPoint are you using?
Try downloading and installing PowerPoint viewer 2010 and Update from the following KB article.
Then go to options and check the box to use PowerPoint viewer instead of Application and see how it behaves.
We have problems every Sunday during a service with powerpoint crashing EW6. Only solution is CTRL+ALT+DELETE or a complete reboot. We have all the latest updates for both EW6 and powerpoint. We have a computer that has correct specifications according to EW techs and we have talked to support many times and given remote access to the tech all with no answers given other than reinstalling or repairing powerpoint. Which we have done a few times each, all to no avail. This happens EVERY Sunday during rehearsal and during the service. We are seriously considering moving to another software at this point since EW can't correct the problem.
I'm very sorry you are continuing to have this problem.
This really isn't something we are seeing happen regularly with EasyWorship 6 and PowerPoint. That may be why we are having a hard time pinning down the problem. Do you have another computer you can test on and see if it also has the same issue? Can you give us a process we can test and see if we can break it on some of our computers? And maybe some of the other people on the board can do the same test to see if it occurs with their systems.
Can you provide the following:
Version of PowerPoint:
Using PowerPoint viewer or Application:
Version of Windows:
Steps to replicate the issue:
Can you replicate it any day of the week or only on Sunday:
Have you tried removing the virus scanner you have and testing?
Thanks for replying. We are using: PPT 2013, application not viewer; Windows 7 Pro; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750. We have the latest version of EW6: build 4.8. This has happened only a couple of times when the schedule is being built and then during rehearsal before a Sunday service. On those occasions the schedule was being run through and it freezes when moving between a song and powerpoint. We also have run repairs, including the online repair, on our powerpoint program and it hasn't changed anything. We then reinstalled with the same result. All of our programs and the computer are up to date.

I wish I could say this happens every Sunday and/or every time we use the program, but it doesn't. This past Sunday there were no problems. it seems to run well when it feels like it. Does EW6 run with W10? Do we need to upgrade to that?
EasyWorship does work with Windows 10, however it's not a requirement. Windows 7 or higher should be fine. If you do upgrade to Windows 10, you might want to look at letting it do a clean install, but keep your files, then reinstall EW, Office and other apps you need.