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The date used by EasyWorship does not respect the country code within Windows and there is no way to change it in EW. It assumes we are all in the US.
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All other programs use the date settings in Windows but EasyWorship uses only the date settings for the United States which is backwards to the United Kingdom and causes no end of confusion.

For example, take the date 02/12/2022? In the US it is February 12, 2022 but in the UK it is the 2nd December 2022.

Can you please resolve this.

I'm trying to think of where EW shows the date. Can you remind me where you're seeing the date in EW?


I just found a spot. Are you talking about on the Register page where it shows your subscription renewal date?

Not really, it's actually Modified Date in Presentations and Themes. See attached jpg file

 Hi Dan, here is another example of where the date is dubious. This time in Reports showing 2nd September 02/09/22 and not 9th February 09/02/22.

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