countdown not counting down

hi i use an overlays countdown on top a motions background all download from premium media that I've been use like this for years 

... but all of a sudden sunday morning the background and audio works but the countdown doesn't change is just static 

I've try multiple different countdowns and all are doin the same thing

the "welcome' overlays work fine but all the countdowns are the same even when i go to the countdown it self 

there webm files 

if you play the countdown overlay by itself (just go live to it from the media/videos tab), does it play or is it static?

yes it's static regardles of where you play it from

There are a few things I would like you to do for us if you could...

1. In EW, go to Media > Videos and right click on the video that isn't playing and select View > Details and send a screenshot of that please.

2. In EW, right click the video under Media and select Open File Location, then double click on that video. What program opens to play it, and does it play outside of EW?

If it does play outside of EW, then do the following:

3. Go live to that video in EW and then click on Help > Video Codec Troubleshooting, resize that window that opens so you can see all the info and then give us a screenshot of that window please.

hey sorry,

I'm out of town and don't have access to that computer until I get back mid October 

Hey I'm sorry 

I just got back to the computer, It seems like any of the videos that have a marked in start position won't play correctly. they'll all play, if start position is remove. They play outside of EW fine, and if i tirm video outside of EW then upload to EW it works 



I have been able to replicate this issue and have documented it as a bug. Our developers are looking into it.

Thanks for looking into it. Ever since I updated, it's been acting weird and freezing 

You're welcome. We have found the issue and will have it fixed in the next update.

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