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we purchased this app 2 months ago because it works with our ministry. we always use the Web Browser but for some reason, we are now getting upgrade browser issues even if we all upgraded them multiple times. is there resolution you can provide for this issues?

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We do know about this issue and it will be fixed in the next update.

So do we have schedule for this update release?  I have an issue that is blocking me from using the browser at all - sending me in a continuous loop on songselect saying I need to select one of the four browsers but I already have 2 of the 4 installed on my notebook.  How can we make EW point to something other than IE

Here is a link to the beta that has this issue fixed if you would like to test it out. 


Will the beta version fix Version 6 as well?

I am sorry but this will not work for EW 6. 

I have the same problem with Version 6. I can no longer pull in YouTube videos because of the browser issue.  This has a significant impact on my ability to use Easy Worship.  So am I just out of luck?

EasyWorship 6 is not receiving any more updates. To get the browser fix, you will need to upgrade to EW7 when we release the 7.4 build.

So I ran into this very issue, unfortunately, just minutes prior to service. It wasn't helpful to see that I couldn't schedule a YouTube video item like I used to with EW So I had to scramble for an alternative: I embedded a video item within PPT and import the PPT in EW. While this does work, we had a problem with Microsoft "Security" screen popping up ON THE LIVE SCREEN every time we tested this method. No matter if we dragged the dialog box away from the live out put screen, it would continuously pop up on the live screen (embarrassing for sure--not the fault of EW). It was a simple click of the "OK" button for it to disappear and then we were able to play the video. Seeing that this was our only option at the last minute, we decided to just use it. During the service, I put the PPTX "Go Live", clicked "OK" like before, but the video would not play like it did during practice (figures). Luckily I had a web browser opened to the YT video as a quick backup, dragged it over to the live output screen and wound up going that direction via full screen.

This really was an inconvenience, especially to discover this issue just minutes prior to service beginning. While I understand that development takes awhile to work out all of the bugs, I didn't think that this type of feature would've fallen prey. We really don't have time to read the 'bug' list/forum, but it would've been helpful if users would receive some sort of emailing of known issues/upcoming fix releases so at least we could know and prepare for alternatives.

Downloading the beta was not an option for us during that time, especially since we can't use it LIVE (we also livestream). We hope that EW will fix this bug soon as this feature is used often throughout the year for our services.

Heather, I apologize that this happened to you right before your service. As you know, there is a beta you can test. You can use it live at your own risk knowing it is just a beta. I do run it quite a lot and have not had any problems with it yet. If you aren't comfortable using the beta in a live service, you can contact our support directly and they can give you a workaround that will let you schedule youtube videos in the current version. support@easyworship.com

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