Stage Display

I had seen in an article from 5 years ago about stage display with chords and was wanting to know if that feature was implemented. The person shared that another package called ProPresenter has that feature and I had visited another church Feb 2022 and they told me the program that could do it was ProPresenter. Is it available as yet or is it a considered feature soon in Easy Worship?

Unfortunately, I don't have any information on this feature. I do know it is entered as a feature request, but I don't know if the developers have considered it or what the status is on it.

OK Thank you for letting me know.

Hi Just wondering if there is any news on this, as we currently have easy worship 6. I'm looking to upgrade and this is one of the features that will decide whether we use something else.

There are no plans for this in EW 6 as it is not being updated any longer. 

Is this feature(stage Display) planned for any future versions of Easy Worship? 

Im not asking if it will be in EW6... Im asking if its a feature planned for the current version?
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