Profile database problem


I installed Easy Worship 7.3 to trial and then uninstalled the program. On trying to open Easy Worship 6 which is my current version I get some rubbish appearing asking me to create or manage an existing profile. The program won't load properly so I can open the schedule I've created for Sunday service. What the heck is going on and how do I fix it?

EW changed the format of the databases in the profiles starting with the 7.2.x.x series that isn't compatible with EW 6 or any release of EW7 older than Download from the EW7 download page (it's there below the newer releases), run it to convert the databases back to a format that EW6 will be able to use, then re-install EW6.

Thanks for the reply and causing people lots of problems. I'm not impressed that you didn't warn people that by downloading 7.3 you would render v6 unusable. Absolute disgrace.

Thanks for getting me back up and running. I downloaded 7.3 to evaluate it against other worship software options. The problems you caused mean that I will most certainly opt for a competitor's offering - it certainly was not good customer service in not warning that 7.3 was incompatible with versions beyond and older.

I'm not employed by EW. I'm just a user doing what I can to help other users. As for 7.3 and later being incompatible with previous releases it has been mentioned and discussed numerous times in the past when the new versions were released.  EW tends to use it's Facebook Group as their primary means of announcements and support.

But as it's a simple procedure to convert the databases to the previous release. Considering standard operating procedure is to backup the profile PRIOR to installing a new release it really isn't a big issue. Certainly not a reason to abandon EW altogether, especially as one would need to lean a new program as well as enter all of their songs from scratch into the new program. Plus, if you rely on PowerPoint EW is your only choice as they are the only option at this point. All of the other similar programs have stopped integrating PowerPoint at this point.

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